Monday, October 24, 2011

I Believe In Angels...

They said God gives as much as he takes,
I never believed them.
He took more from me than he could ever give!
They said time heals all wounds,
I never believed them.
Time transforms every wound into a scar!
They said you're now in a better place,
I never believed them.
The best place you'll ever be is my heart!
They said I am foolish to keep dwelling in the past,
I never believed them.
'Coz I am living in the future we created together!
They said I have the superpower within me to give my life meaning,
I believed them.
YOU are my superpower...
YOU gave my life meaning...
YOU are what I believe in...
I believe in angels!

(In loving memory of Elvira Guadalupe Murguia Nuñez ~ February 23 1986--October 23 2009).
You'll always be the biggest love of my life. Love you forever and beyond eternity!